Data Driven Innovation
Information is the main asset in today's economy
Corporations and Investors look to Holistics to develop or evaluate innovation opportunities
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  • Targeting: answer complex questions about your target
  • Product Development: design and validate with your consumer
  • Competitive Benchmark: understand your competitors to understand yourself
  • Strategic partnerships: optimize and monetize your stake holder relations.
  • Digital Assets: monetize your data

We help brands and organizations disrupt markets by applying sophisticated cultural and economic models that have been integrated into the Holistic Innovation Framework.

Innovation Project Management

Data driven innovation streamlined into world class execution with a strong emphasis on culture and economics.
Our team is exceptional at this.  We work with a very special set of organizations that strive towards meaningful relevance.

Stakeholder Research and Strategy

Be proactive about your network and supply chain.  One of the most effective ways of creating value is by properly designing strategic partnerships.  
Understanding needs and pain-points is where you start.

Consumer Research and Strategy

The new economy allows us to innovate with the consumer.  We have several tools to engage productively with our community for the purpose of understanding gaps that need to be filled.
Talk to your consumer.  Engage with them, they will appreciate it. Everybody will win.

Market Research and Marketing

Return on investment is a direct result of bridging the right product or service with the right people or organizations who in fact need them.
Business is problem solving, and we are in the business of finding and designing solutions to existing market and consumer problems.

Digital Research and Strategy

We love the internet because we create it and control it to some extent.  When properly used, the amount of information and data you can collect, in an orderly fashion, is of significant value.  
We have developed several tools to capture this value and monetize it.

Cultural Impact Planning and Design

Our team has decades of experience in planning and design for FORBES 500 companies, family offices and investors in 12 different countries.
Plan for the future, design your legacy.  When your company is held by inertia, it is the right time to revisit the path to success.

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